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Anonymous asked: ok so im white and i really wanna use the n-word well im already using it but not in a derogatory way in a cool way i like jamming to little wayne and stuff was just wondering is there anyway a white person can gain access to using the n word without black people being offended like is there a certain amount of black friends i can have to be able to say it ? once again not being disrespectful just in a cool way



little wayne ? 

ok u want access to the word lemme huddle up with my ancestors real quick and come up with a solution bruh i got u right now

*whispering sounds*

pshwhwhwww “not derogatory he says”

pshwhwhwww “he actually spelled out little?? *group laughter*”

pswhwwhwhw “certain amount of black friends”

pswhhwwhwh “no no no in a cool way”

"ok i got the solution "pswhwwhwhhwhw"

pswhwhwhwh “you sure ? if he does that he will gain access?”

pswhwhww “ok ill let him know

ok sir im back :)  they said wrap your entire body in steaks, and go into a cage and lock yourself in with at least 13 tigers who have been deprived of food for 3 or more days then and only then will you be allowed to use the the n-word

have fun tell me how it goes :) I cant wait for you to be able to say the n-word with me we’re gonna have so much fun


I really want my abs back but likeee I forgot how much work is actually required for that to happen.

Pick a God and pray

—Frederick, Fire Emblem Awakening (pretty much the most raw ass shit you can say right before you about to fuck someone up)

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I just want Erykah Badu to be my fairy godmother :/.


if i gave birth to a black boy and spent a good 18 to 20 something years of my life raising, loving, and feeding him and i heard or read him saying some shit about ‘fuck black girls’ ‘dark skin bitches are roaches’ and/or ‘i can’t date a black chick’ on sight im ending him. i would feel like such a failure… to raise such a degenerate?? i wouldn’t be able to go on. i would personally feel disrespected. 

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  • boys: if ur slutty enough to send a nude pic then u deserve to have it shared everywhere lmao
  • boys: please send me nudes baby you're so beautiful i just wanna see more of you please baby i thought you loved me

Man so I was watching this movie I found on Netflix earlier and it was really chill then all of a sudden they started saying the n-word a lot?

Like this black woman moved in next door to this white family and made friends with the mom. And she went over while her son was home and he started making a big deal about her being black. Then as soon she left, he goes “how would dad feel about you having a n****r in the house?”

And I was like oh my goodness. That was so unnecessary. But then mom slapped the shit of him and he left the room.

So later on it’s dinner time and the dad is home. The son starts being messy and asking his mom what she did all day. Finally he just goes, “hey dad, did you know mom had a n****r in the house?” So of course dad flips out and he starts screaming about her having n****rs in his house.

Long story short, I cut that shit off cause I was starting to get pissed.


before you send that anon hate have you considered getting involved in a hobby

If you’re not black, you cannot:





  1. Say nigga
  2. Be a part of the natural hair movement.

3. Tell my black ass what I should and should not be offended about.

4. Jump in on every tumblr post made for black people and say all people. Nobody was talking to you. Stay in your socks and sandals lane.  

5. Try to redefine anti-Blackness so you don’t have to worry about it.
6. Determine what is or isn’t anti-Black.

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